Imagine the Educational Impact the Church Could Have Through Personhood!

28 10 2009

The Colorado Independent just published this story yesterday: Personhood Initiative Lining up Friends and Foes

In it, Johnathan Van Blerkom, professor of molecular, cellular and developmental biology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, said “You would find in this state, myself included, that embryo research would freeze. If there were criminal penalties or you were lumped together with abortionists for looking at embryos that are discarded because they are abnormal and you want to know why they are abnormal … no one is going to do it.”

Van Blerkom who works at a fertilization clinic as well, said that in-vitro fertilization would likely end in the state. He explained that the very process of fertilization can kill the embryo if more than one sperm gets into the egg. He said legal liability would loom over all procedures.

“It’s criminal liability. So would any program want to freeze an embryo in the state of Colorado? If the embryos die, as they frequently do when they are thawed, is that your responsibility? Is it an act of God? An act of science?”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our church chimed in?  With millions of human persons at the embryonic stage being sacrificed every year, would this be as, Jenny Kraska of the Colorado Catholic Conference has written, “a waste of resources”?  Or is it a unique opportunity that the church is squandering to change our culture of death?




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