The Huffington Post Uses the Colorado Catholic Conference’s Silence to Legitimize the Culture of Death

23 06 2010

In a Huffington Post article published by Don C. Reed, a stem cell research proponent, the author lists a litany of effects that the Colorado Personhood Amendment would have.  They include, banning abortifacient contraception such as the current pill, reforming IVF, banning abortion, and banning human embryonic stem cell research.  All of these “effects” are precisely what the Catholic Church teaches faithful Catholics to strive for in legislation, or is it?

Don C. Reed states:

How do leading pro-life groups feel about the “personhood” movement?

Major right to life groups appear to regard the “personhood” attempt as so extreme, it would be damaging to their goals.

To the best of my knowledge, the personhood movement is NOT supported by the Catholic Church, the National Right to Life Committee, Americans United for Life, Focus on the Family, Concerned Women for America, nor the Eagle Forum.

In other words, the image that the Catholic Conference is giving is that fighting against the culture of death in a principled comprehensive manner, is “extreme.”

What I would like to know is what does, Don C. Reed, open pro-abortion and proponent of human experimentation, believe the goal of the Catholic Church to be?  And why in the world won’t the Catholic Bishops speak up in favor of a bill that seeks to do everything they teach should be done?

The world is full of mysteries.  Luckily, for this simple minded Catholic, doing the right thing, speaking up for truth (no matter if the world says it is a lost cause) is a lofty enough goal.



3 responses

23 06 2010
Damian P. Fedoryka

(Sorry for the typos; here’s the corrected copy:)
The part of the “pro life” movement that is committed to support compromise laws, as in the Hyde-Stupak language or in parental consent laws, both endorsed by the USCCB as “progress in the reduction of abortion” ignores or is silent about their participation in the “support, promotion and voting” for laws protecting the right to abortion against the “radicals.”
Both positions trade off the right to life of both the babies who are “saved” as a result of regulated murder and those murdered under the regulations. In other words, they ignore the personhood of the unborn human being, a primary characteristic of which is their right to possess their being as “their own.” John Paul II gave the reason for this wonderful personal power: “one cannot give what one does not own.” We are called to give ourselves as gift out of love for neighbor and God. He who keeps his own life – or robs another of his, will lose it.
It does come down to a matter of “private” ownership. But that is a tale waiting to be retold, … again.

Damian P. Fedoryka

24 06 2010

Damian: you ask an excellent question; and the answer is ‘pluralism’. It’s the great modern heresy because so subtle. Many bishops suppose that living in a ‘plural’ society is equivalent to embracing pluralism, even though it is a false irenicism. Pluralism is what pope Benedict recently called a pernicious form of secularism — a “monocultural ideal” that in fact opposes religious insight (such as life is sacred). The bishops and even some proLife groups are so subject to this homogenizing force that they think no one may dissent from it and preserve social peace (this is its irenicist character). The pope lamented “believers who are ashamed of their beliefs and who even give a helping hand to this type of secularism, which builds barriers before Christian inspiration.” God bless you for your witness to genuine Christian inspiration.

26 06 2010
John E. Archibold

Mr. Fedoryka’s comment is right on. The sex-abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, as bad and as horrible as it is [and by saying this I no wise endorse or condone the skewed and biased reporting of much of the media], will pale along side the scandal that some Catholics, high and low, have not only failed to work for the protection of unborn, but have actually worked against it. But as Psalm 37:1 says, “Do not fret because of the wicked; do not be envious of wrongdoers for they will soon fade like the grass.” John E. Archibold

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